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Spring Detox: GNC Total Lean 7 Day Fast Loss

I am in detox LOVE! I came across the GNC Total Lean 7 Day Fast Loss program at my local bulk warehouse store, and I must say that besides juice cleansing, this is my favorite way to hit the "reset" button on my body.

When you purchase the kit, it includes 14 pouches of shakes, 7 packs of supplements, and 7 bottles of pre-diet cleanse. A meal and exercise guide is also provided for you. I did not follow the guide, but I roughly kept my daily caloric intake at around 1100-1300 calories, with 75% of my daily intake comprised of fruits and vegetables. The guide recommends eating low-fat items, but unless we're talking about fruits and vegetables being low-fat, let's remember that processed, "low-fat" food= chemical shit storm. Stay as close to whole food sources as possible.  

I also drank tons of water.

I've been exercising daily in the form of cardio and dynamic strength training. I noticed results quickly. After the first day, I lost 1 lb., and after 10 days, I lost 11 lbs.

This is by no means a quick fix, but it is a great start. I was able to re-learn my stomach's capacity and I no longer ate past the point of being satiated. In other words, I didn't gorge myself, even after I was starving post-workout. Of course, because the program uses diuretics, I expelled a lot of water as well, so I lost water weight.

Daily Diet Pak

The kit comes with seven pouches of Burn 60, Waterex, and Green Tea complex. The meal plan says to take this every morning, which I did. It gave me enough of a boost that I didn't feel the need for my morning almond milk latte. 

It gave me a certain oomph during my exercise. I'm talking an extra 100 kettlebell power jacks. Although the pak's components contain caffeine, I didn't feel jittery at all, only energized. Along with the daily pak, in place of breakfast, I drank a Lean Shake. 

Lean Shake

At 180 calories per pouch, the Lean Shakepacks a filling punch. I empty a satchel into my 24-ounce shaker bottle, fill it to 16-oz mark with water, screw the cap on, shake the hell out of it, then fill to the top with ice, screw the cap back on tightly and shake again. Stick in a straw and sip up the awesomeness.

The program comes with 14 pouches of yummy, oat-based shakes in Vanilla Bean (tastes like birthday cake batter), and Swiss Chocolate (tastes like brownie batter). I'm usually not a fan of shakes but in this case, they're really delicious, and I've actually crave them, which comes in handy because they are meant to replace a meal or a snack. I'm not kidding when I say they're filling and I don't feel hungry again for hours.  

Pre-Diet Cleanse

Because I liked the other two components of the program, I don't mind that my least favorite part of Fast Loss was the Citrus-flavored Pre-Diet Cleanse. Don't get me wrong, I also ended up craving this, but the first sip of it made me throw a "What the f#@& is this?" face. They say to drink it slowly after you mix it with 4 oz. of water because when you taste it, you'll want to throw it back and shoot it. Don't do that. Mix it with water, on the rocks, in a really tall glass, and you'll get past the initial taste. It doesn't taste bad. It just...tastes. 

I'm not entirely sure which ingredient detoxifies the GI tract, but remember to turn the fan in your bathroom on the following morning. You'll thank me for reminding you. 


This may strike some as a gimmicky, cumbersome approach to re-establishing one's relationship with food, but I can honestly attest to its effectiveness. Is it some magical weight loss program? No. There's no such thing. However, if there is a tool that allows you freedom of treating your body as a clean slate without making you feel deprived, this is it. 

I will be doing this again when I feel I need it. 

Total LeanSnack Bars (left) are not included in the kit, but they are tasty.

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Spring Detox: Clear Away the Bull$#!+

My favorite time of year is upon us once again. Springtime summons blooming flowers, longer days, and shorter skirts. The urge to begin anew rears its pretty little head, along with the inevitable need to clear out the old.

Bad habits, toxic friends, a job you hate, are a few examples of the things in life that may take away your joy. Giving space to any of the above keeps you trapped in a cycle of tolerance for bullshit that you shouldn't subject yourself to. Yes, quitting smoking isn't easy, and you may have known that friend your entire life. I'm sure that job sustains you in some way, but is it fulfilling you? 

If it does not serve you well, slowly work it out of your life. There is no shame in evolving, and don't let anyone make you feel otherwise. 

Kick that habit. 
Send that friend on his/her merry way. 
Figure out your life purpose and chase it with all your heart and soul. 

No more excuses. 

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An Open Letter to Moms


Teach your daughter that she is precious. Teach her to forgo kissing the frog in hopes of the metamorphosis into royalty because it's nearly impossible to "fix," "transform," or "change" anyone. She only has control over her own evolution.

Teach her to love herself so that she won't feel the need to seek out some unhealthy, unfortunate love to fill the inescapable void we all experience.

Teach your child that she holds the pen to the book of her destiny. If she wants to be treated like a queen by someone who deserves her, settle for nothing less. Anyone who invalidates her efforts and desires are unworthy.

Most importantly, teach that respect and love beget respect and love. She should never have to beg anyone to treat her the way she wants to be treated. If her significant other loves her enough, treating her right will come naturally and she'll be made to feel like the queen you raised her to be.

Warm love,

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Freedom Friday

Liberate yourself from all of your perceived limitations. If you believe it, you can manifest it into existence.

You are great beyond your wildest dreams.

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Mind Your Thoughts


Every thought that has formed within your gorgeous brain was a burst, zap, flash, of energy. You are able to control the thoughts that you allow space within your brain. 

Long ago, I didn't believe that I was responsible for the things that I allowed space in my head. A startled friend pointed out that, indeed, my brain is prime real estate, and I have control over the renters. 

Mind the way your thoughts make you feel. Pay attention. If a memory or a mental note makes you feel funky, spend less time giving it space. Make room for constructive inspiration because your thoughts are the foundation of your future.

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How Happy Are You?

When you wake up in the morning, what are you super excited to do?

Does the prospect of going about your day make you giddy or want to crawl back under the covers?

What do you do or fantasize about in order to be in touch with your happy place?

Don't think too hard about your answers. Your response should almost be instinctual. Write your answers down and work on incorporating more of that happy trigger into your daily life.

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Yes. What.The.Fuck? As in, "What the fuck is wrong with people?!?" I had one of the biggest of these moments this week. Long story short, I experienced bigotry at the hands of misogynistic sexists.

The narrative is not necessary - I was called a handful of derogatory terms at the hands of strangers. It wasn't the first time and it's not going to be the last. I kept my cool, but the people who've experienced the same discrimination repeatedly learn how to fight back. In my case, I used my written words.  


I confess, I needed a break from preaching the bliss gospel and allow myself to feel the waves of emotions. The sadness that evolved into anger and the anger that morphed into pity. I pity adult individuals who can't manage to get their social propriety in order. 

I'll also admit that I was traumatized. 

Because I am writing this a couple of days after the incident, doing so has allowed me to be productive as a result of my negative emotions. 

See, being put in an uncomfortable situation by mindless individuals are the ones that forces you to ask the following questions under your breath.

What the fuck?
Why the fuck?
Who the fuck do these people think they are?

See, we all experience opportunities that help us grow a new layer of thick, tough, rhinoceros skin. You don't have to stoop down to their level. The goal is to keep your peace in the midst of chaos. 

When shit happens, embrace the initial darkness. Give yourself time to feel it. Then, move forward. Don't dwell on the bull-funk-filled world around you. Rise above it. Focus on the speck of light that remains, then, become the light. Choose it over the darkness that's so tempting to sink into.

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C'mon Get Happy

Today's project is to do one thing you've been meaning to do but haven't gotten around to, that will contribute to your overall happiness and well-being. Don't let excuses get in your way.
  • Enroll in that yoga class. 
  • Purchase that crocheting kit. 
  • Play with your little ones.
  • Adopt that dog. 
  • Do nothing.
Whatever you've been wanting to do, do it! Then, take photos. Write about it. Celebrate. Instagram it, Post it on FB, Tweet it @Blissification and #BYOB

Share your bliss with the world. See you tomorrow. 

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Stop, Drop, Evaluate!

One of the first steps necessary in the mindful shift towards living a more blissful life involves going over a few things you can be thankful for right now. Make a list.

A Bliss List.

Let's start from within. Remove external factors from your compilation. Don't include how others feel about the things you do. Just focus on the way you feel whenever you do them.

 What are the aspects in yourself you are most grateful for? 

What about yourself makes you smile on a daily basis? 

What feels good to you? Do you enjoy meditating, exercising, cooking?

What do you do that gives you that rush of that feeling you would bottle up and share with the world?


Every day for the next few days, add one item to your Bliss List.

We'll refer to your Bliss List often. 

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The BYOB Series

My journey started half a decade ago, when I was surrounded by glitz, glamour, and everything I thought I wanted in life - and I still was not happy. I bought into everything superficial and was in denial that my glittery world was a warped web of lies that I told myself. 

"If you have $$$$$$$, you'll be happy."
"Have these friends and attend those events, and that will mean that everybody loves you."
"Wear thousand-dollar shoes and handbags; those will make you beautiful."
Lies. Sparkly, Gorgeous, Lies.

I'm not saying that all those things aren't awesome. I'm not even denying that for a moment, they caused the sparkle in my eyes. However, amidst all of those things and people,  I was miserable. I couldn't figure it out, and I nearly killed myself trying to find out why I wasn't happy. 
Everything I was doing was self-serving and was aimed toward fleeting, momentary satisfaction. My earthly desires were being satiated, but my soul felt empty. 

My "happiness" was dependent upon external, purchased stimuli and how people felt and thought about me. It stopped feeling right. I needed more of less. I wanted a do-over, and before I knew it, I hit rock bottom. I landed on it head first, and getting up was a bitch. I downsized in a big way, and before I knew what I was doing, I instinctively downsized. I needed to feel inspired again, and my soul craved more. 

I left the big life, the toxicity, and I went back to square one. More about my journey can be read about in my collection of articles at The Indie Chicks.

I was ready to recalibrate my sense of purpose and my readiness to be of service to people, but first, I needed to clear off and clean up my side of the street. I began living in such a way that if my activity did not bring me closer to my general well-being, I didn't do it. I cleaned up my life from within, and now I am in the position to guide you while I am mindful to keep track of my own blissful state.

My mission for the month is not for you to feel elated, all the time (because not only is it unrealistic, it will feel forced), but to possess an emotional equilibrium that is closer to bliss and peace more often that it wavers.

In the next 27 days...

We will dive within and recalibrate - a love-yourself-from-the-inside-out period that will inevitably affect those around you. Invite them on your journey! As depicted above, we will be using the hashtag #BYOB on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to discuss and share take moments of beautiful photos, quotes, and updates that will inspire each of us to bring ourselves closer to our bliss. 

Check back tomorrow for more official #BYOB content. 

Today we discuss: What does it mean to you to become your own bliss?

Respond in the comments below, on your Facebook timeline, via Twitter, or Instagram.  

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Balance is Bliss

For the past few months, I've been in this strange place of balancing my desire to be of service to people to help them reach bliss with shedding the layers of the past that have crippled my creative endeavors.

While it has been my mission to heal others from their past; to extract lessons from catastrophe, my own past crept up on me and I succumbed to my fears as though it was a monkey that found its home upon my shoulders.

Then I remembered one very important thing. This (waves hand 'round) is not about me. It stopped being about me when I left what felt comfortable in order to guide people toward their own happiness.

See, we crave to feel good.

Those of us who were not to strive toward bliss often find it difficult to make being happy a priority. I'm not saying that every single moment of every single day will be made up of unicorns that shit glitter topped cupcakes.

On the contrary, I find that balance: simply keeping a sense of calm and well-being during trials and tribulations allows for bliss to be possible. It's almost an emotional homeostasis - a scale that has the tendency to tip more often toward light and love.

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