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Do Uncomfortable Things

 For years I have been ignoring the yearning in my soul to return to college. I left so I could dip my toes into entrepreneurial waters. I thought that finishing my college degree would teach me to go against my instincts, because I had studied so many successful entrepreneurs who left school to do their thing. Years later and here I am, with my inner student crying to break out. I'm due to renew my Nutrition and Wellness Consultant Certification, and I have taken this opportunity to once again place the student hat back upon my head.

I'm thrilled to be returning to school. Investing my time in my education is something that will benefit me and my work greatly. I am so excited to grow into the next level of coaching and writing.

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Tea Time

A week before I got married, I posed a challenge to myself. I decided that I would work to root out the things in life I was dependent on but didn't need: a practice I wrote about in Become Your Own Bliss. Coffee was one of those things. I was addicted. Every morning, I looked forward to my 36 oz. vegan iced latte. I loved my morning ritual. As a part of my detox, I decided to wean myself off coffee, partially to see if I could, but mostly, because I wanted to mentally prepare myself to release things I know I did not need

I've always loved tea, I just never thought about enjoying it first thing in the morning. I had the most gorgeous tea blend: the Oprah Chai Tea by Teavana with a splash of organic, non-GMO, unsweetened almond milk. The first day I didn't drink coffee, I also only raw fruits and vegetables. I felt so clear-headed and energized. I didn't feel hungry, I wasn't shaky. I also didn't do any rigorous physical activities; I wanted to ease myself into my detox. My body loved it even though my mind suffered a bit. When we're taught to need certain types of food, we don't question it. We just live with the advice ingrained into our lives. 

Switching to tea and eating only raw fruits and veggies has been such a cleansing experience. I look forward to doing it often.   

Have you ever fasted/detoxed? 

What's your favorite method?

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I Love My Husband!

I have to take a moment to express my deep love and gratitude for my husband who has been my most patient nurse and caretaker over the past couple of days. 

He's been cleaning and cooking since I have been too unwell to remain upright or awake, for that matter. 

Did I mention how well he loves our tiniest fur baby? 

I never imagined that I'd ever be so blessed to experience a love like this. 

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Women We Need


This quote spoke to my soul so deeply, and it's so necessary and true. Read this over and let the words sink in. 

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Open Heart


received the most beautiful gift from my friend and mentor, Luann Robinson Hull, today along with a beautiful card. This precious, marble box means more that Luann will ever know. She is the one person who knows exactly what to say to me and she knows just when to say it. By the way, this is where I will keep my rings when I remove them when I clean and cook, etc.

For her words, guidance, presence, and understanding, I am so grateful.

Dearest Luann,

You have elevated my life in ways I cannot begin to express. You give me the confidence in my ability and assurance that I am doing the work I was placed on this earth for. As I continue on this path with an open heart, I will carry the light you've helped illuminate. 

From the floor of my heart, thank you. 

Big love,

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One of the greatest things I've discovered since practicing mindfulness has been the result of mindfulness, which is gentle detachment.

It has become so much more enjoyable to forgive everyone and everything. Detachment allows me to neither see things as neither good nor bad. That all instances, circumstances, and roads lead to my destiny; the ultimate good.

Just like my little live coaster taught me a great deal about myself and about forgiveness. See, the Jack Russell Chihuahua pictured is Maximus. He has been my husband's best friend and charge for the better part of the past decade. Max has three personalities. Machete is the side of this dog that bit me in the face a month after I moved into his territory. I still love him unequivocally and take care of him on a daily basis. Max Epsilon Moos (Max E. Moos) is the jerk dog who likes to mark on my husband's favorite recliner every other month or so. Then, there's Mr. Moos. Cuddly, bogey-eyed, and chronically shivering. Mr. Moos is the gooey interior to the other personas that exist within this tiny, maddening, furry creature.

I love him unconditionally, only because I don't begrudge him for the mistakes he's made. The giant cup of who the ---- cares describes his personality, and I know what to expect from him. I know that after days of dealing with Machete and Max; Mr. Moos is bound to rear his adorable apple-shaped head and snuggle his way into the space in my heart that he he holds.

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The Science of Mind

The Science of Mind is a revolutionary masterpiece by Ernest Holmes. This text was my introduction into the vast world of Metaphysics and the relation of individual energy to that of the collective energy of the whole. The Universe, boundless in size and alive with waves of energy, ebbs and flows to its own rhythms.

In conjunction with the teachings of the Holy BibleScience of Mind links the creation with the Creator in a way that can only be understood bit by bit. Connections between scriptures and application of the metaphysical realm of thought, allowing for a born and bred Catholic (who is no longer practicing), such as myself, to digest the text using a more familiar spiritual perspective.

Within the first few pages of Science, a daily breakdown of suggested reading allows the student to devour the book in 365 days. One who is open to this text must read from cover to cover without literal judgment, and perhaps by supplementing the text with other works that offer a like-minded approach to the spiritual aspect of living.  

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What it Feels Like to Write a Book

Whenever I see a copy of Become Your Own Bliss, my heart skips a beat and what I see are glossy reminders of a grueling, kvelling, humbling process.

One month ago today, my labor of love was finally released for public consumption. Writing has been my greatest friend, and when I finally decided to write my first book, the process felt as natural as it was uncomfortable. In all honesty, my goal was to write and publish 2 books before my 30th birthday (the clock is ticking), and the writing process that produced #BYOB was riddled with periods of free-flowing thought as well as anxiety.

I've worn a lot of hats, but never had I experienced a process that was as enlightening as it was mentally and emotionally expedient. When I quit my bartending job in the spring to devote all my efforts to finishing my book and building my coaching company, I thought that I would be published by the summer. Boy, did I have a lot to learn.

Self-publishing is as expensive as it's rewarding. You asked me what the process is like, so here it goes.

Here's the self-publishing process in a nutshell:
  1. Write manuscript 40,000 - 80,000 words, depending on your genre (novels are generally lengthier than nonfiction).
  2. Format your work - you have to know what size you want your book to be when it's printed. Remember that all even numbers are left pages and all odd numbered pages are on the right. What font do you prefer? Size preference? How many pages do you want the print copy to have? Do you want fleurons/dividers within the text? Will you be adding photos?
  3. Get your copyright page in order. Purchase ISBN and file for an LCCN prior to creating your copyright page so that you have those numbers to include. 
  4. Design the book cover (or hire someone to design it for you, like I did). 
  5. After the books print and arrive at your doorstep, go on a marketing blitz. More about that in another blog post. 
  6. Create a blog specifically for your book. (www.becomeyourownbliss.com) This isn't only part of your marketing strategy; it's a great way to receive feedback from readers, announce book tours/speaking dates, programs that may be associated with your book, etc.
  7. Working to spread the work about your new creative baby is more than half the fun. I, personally, cringe at the thought of talking about myself, but telling people about my work brings me such great joy, and if you love what you do, I'm positive you feel the same. 
Like everything amazing in life, it isn't easy to write a book, but gosh, is it worth it! Not to mention the ridiculously rewarding feedback from readers. In a nutshell, it is deeply uplifting, empowering, joyful, fulfilling, and worthy of repeating.  

Have you had the urge to write a book? If so, what about?

What is stopping you from moving forward?

How can I help?

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Wedded Bliss

On 01.11.2015, at 1:11 PM, I married my best friend in our living room in front of an intimate group of family and friends. 

We are over the moon. 

I relished every moment. We wrote our own vows, and what came of the process is the most important poem I've ever written. 

The Porch swing Is where we started;
Your soul I grew to know. 

With your unwavering love and patience,
My courage felt safe to grow. 

Your support inspires me to keep on using my pen,
"I'll never get married," I always said back then. 

Along you came and changed my world
And I know this much is true. 
I wouldn't be the woman I am today had it not been for you. 

I hope you know our life together will be full of bliss and light. 
Although I'll hold you closer through sorrow and in the dark of night. 

Upon this new adventure we embark 
Together we'll explore this life

Know that I am so deeply honored and privileged to forever be your wife. 

Until the day our journey ends, my darling, you'll feel all of my love.

This isn't of us - our love has been sent from up above. 

And when someday our souls can soar and finally fly free
I promise to explore the Universe with you until the end of eternity. 

Thank you for sharing this moment with myself and my new husband. 

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It's human nature to fear change. Although it's the perpetual element of the life cycle, when we get comfortable, we may find ourselves clinging to our comfort instead of gravitating towards what's best for us - what will help us grow. 

I will marry my best friend tomorrow. The past versions of me would cringe at this; they might have even run away. But now, I am overwhelmed with excitement and joy. I couldn't have chosen a better man to build the rest of my life with.

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I checked the mail today. To my surprise and delight, this gorgeous reminder of my first book came in the mail from a former classmate with whom I keep touch. Hand-painted and embellished, this gem sits upon a shelf beside my writing desk. It inspires me every time I lay eyes upon it. Andrea K. Brown, you have NO idea how much this means to me! 


You are beautiful, inside and out. May you continue to spread your magic throughout the world. You are and have a gift. Thank you for sharing it with me. 

Love and gratitude, 


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