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Torched Bridges

Because of the habits brought on by the era of social media, one would think that erasing the past is as simple as hitting the "Delete" button.  This notion, of course, could not be more inaccurate.  The people who have not left pleasant memories are the lessons.  They never really go away.  Perhaps it is because I am one who has a severe detachment problem, as in, I can not, for the life of me, bring myself to remain emotionally invested and attached to a certain person.  This has shown itself to be a double-edged sword, because in the name of self-preservation and keeping my peace, I have succumb to the habit of letting people go constantly.  Not so much in the, "You're fired," type of letting go, but rather distancing myself from people who drive me insane.  Familiarity does not only breed contempt at times, it also inevitably breeds assimilation.  I eventually find myself following the same thinking patterns and habits of those with whom I associate.  In some cases, it turned out to be an awesome thing.  In most cases, it became not so bueno.  

I do not ever want to think of moving forward as a negative thing.  Nor do I ever want to forget any person who has ever touched my life, whether that stroke was good or bad.  I just want to keep it moving like a duck - keeping it cool and collected while paddling like hell underneath the water.  For someone like myself - who has fought long and hard to reach this point of constant meditation and renewal of peace, allowing anyone to weigh me down has proven to be too great a price to pay just to have friends.  I don't believe in attempting to sustain unhealthy relationships.  I realize that no matter who I allow into my life, I will love, loathe, and learn.  I can choose to do my best to look at the result as a good thing: 

The bridges I have allowed to burn have ultimately been the source of light to show me the way.  


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