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Forgiveness, I've learned has been one of the greatest gifts that lead to happiness. Whether it's me forgiving myself for something dumb that I did or said, or forgiving someone whom I perceived to have offended me, forgiveness is the one thing that has literally set my soul free.

The most profoundly rewarding aspects of forgiveness manifested itself recently in my childhood friend, Leelee. Leelee and I went to elementary and middle school together. Before becoming obsessed with boys, I was obsessed with her and how happy she made me. She had been the only reason I thought I'd been living a good life...until of course, the inevitable happened. We grew apart, I pushed her away. Things ended, and I thought I was ready to move on with my life without her, or without anyone I was familiar with, for that matter.

The only thing I lost by ending our friendship was my very best friend.

It is very rare in life that one is blessed with a person who has had such a positive impact - from her, I learned to love fearlessly and to be sweet and kind, always.

A decade had gone by and I had an inkling - an urge during meditation to reach out to her. I wanted to see how Leelee was doing; how her life was going. I wanted to tell her how beautiful I'd always thought she was, and I was hoping against hope and praying that she could forgive me for having been such a rotten human being back in our naughtily innocent teenage days. I missed having her soul as a light in my life.

I will always feel blessed that she graciously responded to  my eager tweet. Little does she know that I had written about four versions of it before I hit, "send." We spent time together recently, and it felt like we spent no time apart - we have so much in common. I could only hope that she could see herself through my eyes. She would see that she is gorgeous, loving, intelligent, kind - the type of person I know her parents are proud they raised. The type of person I always strove to be more like. I am so very, very blessed to have her back in my life. There are no words to express what it feels like to pick up with someone where you left off with many years and miles in between.

We don't really dwell on how we felt when we were apart. I just know that I am enjoying this process of re-friending. I am happily learning that the universal rule for love applies to friendship, as well.

If you love someone, let them go - if they come back into your life, they truly are a blessing.

I encourage any and everyone who has lost touch with a childhood friend to rekindle some sort of friendship, of course, unless, their past experience had a toxic effect.  Life is so short, and friendship tastes so sweet. Everyone should experience this because you know what they say about Sandbox Love: It never dies.


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