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A Course in Miracles: Prayer

As a student of metaphysics, I have come into my own spirituality without the burden of religion and doctrine. In the past three years, I went from being spiritually devoid to becoming dependent upon my spirituality and granting my ~ING(Inner Guide) a louder voice in my world. I intentionally do not talk about religion, or faith, or God. I don't want to alienate anyone. However, I believe that when I show people how to celebrate the good within them, it becomes inevitable to look heavenward.

In January, I became a student of A Course in Miracles (ACIM). What I didn't know before studying the Course is that how I view the world is how it exists only to me. I happened to be enormously egotistical for no reason at all, and this put me at the greatest disadvantage because I could never see any situation for what it was. I was so blinded by how events made me feel that I couldn't ever think my way through it because I had been so busy feeling about my bruised/threatened/screaming ego. Eventually leading me to be incredibly unfulfilled.

ACIM has changed my perspective completely. I am a more spiritually functioning individual now. I would venture to say that my existence is no longer corporally-based, but spiritually-based. At the very core of my existence, I now know that there is a purpose I must fulfill.

Within ACIM are three books: The text, the manual for students, and the workbook for teachers. Teachers of the Course are, like all teachers, perpetual students. One of the first things I learned when I began studying is that everything is a miracle. Miracles happen every day, so every day, I would acknowledge the miracles granted to me and would employ my day in humble gratitude.

There was no way I could have come to this conclusion say, three years ago. It has taken years to peel away the layers of everything I have been taught. I believed in lies for most of my life.

As a society, we are taught the norms - the rules, the regulations, the dos, the do nots and that there is a time and a place for everything that is dictated by societal ideology. I thought that my life had to be lived according to everyone else's around me, and if my life didn't ascribe to those ideals, I was doing something terribly wrong. I slowly came to realize that many people felt lost or conflicted because no one told them it was all right and completely acceptable to not want those things that everyone else wants.

Listen carefully when I say, "The path you choose to follow in life will only be paved by your own two feet."

Being alive is a privilege and life should be treated as such. There are no rules here, there is only one chance to find your own way and to utilize it to leave this world a better place than you entered it. The tools I have recently acquired are allowing me to do just that.

Ever since I began this practice, my life has changed drastically. I can now look at situations and people without judging them. This allows me to keep my peace. I can now live through obstacles simultaneously learn the lessons through them, rather than looking back at 20/20 hindsight. This has improved my instincts.

With my new eyes I look at past situations and am able to forgive myself and those who were involved.

My life has new meaning. My purpose is no longer to seek my own empty pleasure, but to serve those around me.

Lesson 71 in ACIM gives the premise for this beautiful prayer.

I came upon this prayer in the most beautiful way, and ever since, I have been saying this first thing in the morning as soon as I gain consciousness. 

I must admit that this feels so strange to me, writing about my spirituality. I am a fiercely private person when it comes to two things: my love life and my spirituality. Because I live inwardly, allowing inspiration to flow through me, I felt I had to write about this experience because it has changed my life so drastically and beautifully. It would be my greatest hope that someone who feels lost and reads this may, too, find their way toward light.

No one should feel alone in darkness. 


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