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In many instances, I know that I have been guilty of perceiving everything in the outside world as the problem. I have allowed negativity, pre-conceived notions, and ill-made judgments cloud my goals and ambitions.

Those days are over.

The work I have set out to do I know I can not accomplish alone. I have recently embarked upon uncharted territory, and although I have made it a habit to do things that scare the hell out of me, starting a daunting project is one of the scariest things I have ever decide to do.

I'm using my fear to fuel my endeavors.

I want to help people who do not know where or how to find help. I have such an amazing team, and I know that we are unstoppable together. Our similar passions converge into one goal that will affect more people than I imagined we could help before.

Seek out people with similar passions as yourself. Don't be afraid to be of service. The more people you can help, the better your life will be. Mute the naysayers by going on with your plan and being proactive so that you can reach your goals. Start small, and when you accomplish those small goals, you will be inspired to aim for higher ones.

The reason people are afraid of progress is because they are not brave enough to bring about progress on their own, and because they believe that they can't do it, they believe that you can't do it either.

They are wrong.


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