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I must confess, I feel terribly guilty that I've completely neglected this project. The Blissification has been one of the most profound things in my life that I've bravely embarked upon. It made me brave enough to contribute to The Indie Chicks, who have allowed me the greatest privilege of coming on board to be their amazing team.

Some more things that have happened since my last post:

- I was a bridesmaid for my Sandbox Lover and there I met my:
- Boyfriend. Yes, after years and years of sheer and utter ridiculousness, I have finally found love again.
- I learned that my life is not going to happen exactly as I plan it. Things will be moved in my path and I will have to decide which way my future will lean.

I have all these projects going on, as well as my writing, and there are huge changes that will occur in the near future in my life. I'm holding on. This ride is going to be fast and long...just how I like it.


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