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Late Start

From New Year to Valentine's Day

It's my first post since the new year, and although the beginning of February is only days away, I really hadn't gotten around to posting much of anything I felt that you would want to read.

This is the place where the bits and pieces of thoughts and moments that didn't make the cut for the manuscript go. Here is where I exhale, using occasional alliteration and luscious words that allow for more expression and less filtering.

Since my last post, huge changes have occurred in my life that I will reveal in the next few posts. I have been indulging in undisciplined time, and am redirecting my focus to my business, manuscript, projects, and certifications.

I've also been enjoying being ridiculously in love. The way my life has been the past few months, I can only hope and pray for everyone on Earth to experience. It has been bliss.


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