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Experience fine-tunes our strengths while we learn our weaknesses. Whether it's the end of a job, or a break-up, every ending is really a new opportunity masked in the finality of another phase. Some of us have a tough time get through the end of something and seeing it for what it really is - a new opportunity to grow and become better.

In the past week, I've:
-experienced the crumbling of a business I co-founded (it failed miserably.)
-walked away from a nearly decade long, formerly-beneficial friendship
-submitted my assessment for certification
-bought my blog domain name
-put the polishing touches on my proposal and query letter
-developed a strategies for The Indie Chicks that will catapult us into the start-up stratosphere.

I could mire in the misery of failure and failed relationships, or I can use this persepective: There are no ups without the downs.

Keep your chin up and eyes forward. Keep working. Keep loving.

Endings are just another name for a new beginning. 


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