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Red Equal Signs

I just realized what's going on with the red equal signs. I'm so late.

I was raised to accept people as they are; I wasn't ever encouraged to categorize people because of race or creed or sexual preference. I've always intermingled and I've always loved on folks regardless.

What I fail to understand as an adult is why it is the public's business; why a governing body would have the right to deny its people of a fundamental right to love, marry, and benefit from the union based on gender.
If we continue to alienate people and deny them rights based on who they want to love, there are no lines that can not be crossed.

A few, short decades ago, interracial relationships were also deemed illegal/illegitimate/going against God. People have become so blinded by righteousness and hatred that they fail to see people as beautiful and created in the likeness of the One Whose Name they so quickly utter in order to perpetuate hatred.

It's difficult for me to respect judgment that comes from a person who hides behind a book or "God's word," because Buddy, if God didn't want interracial relationships to happen, or for gay people to love one another, they would cease to exist.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are the inalienable rights of all people, and those who disagree based on some label or unfortunate judgment have been and always will be, on the wrong side of history. 

It is no person's right (outside of the relationship) to dictate with whom a particular person finds their bliss with based on details such as race, gender or creed - details that do not matter in the grand scheme of things.

Live and let love.


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