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Loving a Hater


I live by the philosophy Leave a space better than you found it. I apply this to time and space I've occupied in people's lives as well as literal places I've been. When it comes time to end a situation that is unhealthy or no longer serving me, I have known it to be beneficial to do so.

Without leaving room for anger or resentment, I simply bless the person by stepping away from the social situation we once occupied together. There is no reason to be negative about something that was once so positive and beneficial to me. You were my person once, but reaching the time and space in which I benefit more from your absence, that's nothing you should hold against me.

Let go. My actions aren't worth the tumult you've brought upon yourself. The past isn't worth the energy you're using to hate me. Nothing is a coincidence. Embrace your future without me as I have mine without you. As we part ways, I send you love and light, and I always will.

Be strong. Be at peace.


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