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Meditation is My Medication

The Struggle

I would be a pretentious liar if I wrote about how easy and good everything is. The truth is, the past couple of weeks have put me through the wringer physically, emotionally, and mentally. In less than a month, I've recovered from being sick, handled a family crisis, and got out of a nearly decade-long friendship as graciously as I could manage. 

I am now in a place in my life in which there are things I have to step up for - things I must do in order to get to the next chapter. I have obligations to fill and new responsibilities to live out. For the first time last night, I allowed myself to release the tension I've been feeling. Shortly after, I got to meditating. I went back to my source. A Course in Miracles has never failed to bring my spirit closer to its source. 

The prompts to shifts in thought and emotions within ACIM turns fear into hope, anger into grace, and hatred into love. It continually reminds me that I am a product of the Divine energy that is the source of the universe. 

The Cure

Whenever I indulge in meditation, whether it's for minutes or hours, I notice that I am not the same person I was before I quieted my mind. I once knew someone who told me, "Meditation feels like a waste of time," but I think she felt that way because she never learned how to silence her ego.

The world that surrounds us is constantly full of tumult and chaos, and if we are not careful, we allow those entities into our minds and hearts. In focusing on silence and breathing in our hopes and dreams while exhaling love, meditation is the most gentle guide that leads to clear thinking and peace.

"Prayer is talking while meditation is listening."

At certain times during meditation in the past, I have literally experienced what I can only think to refer to as a soulgasm. It was the most intensely emotional instant brought about my listening in complete silence and releasing nothing but loving energy into the space that surrounded me. I know that when I meditate, I often stay in a state of meditative dialogue with my inner guide and spirit. The every day mundane feels nothing short of bliss.

Here's an easy beginner's exercise:

  • Sit on the floor with your legs crossed and your palms facing upwards on your knees.
  • Inhale deeply and slowly, closing your eyes while allowing your mind to become clear.
  • Silence your thoughts.
  • As your mind goes blank, inhale slowly grace, health, joy... the positive energy you want to draw into your life.
  • Upon your slow exhale, release love into the space around you. 
  • Repeat exercise 3-5 times. 
  • Take your time.
  • Be patient.
  • Let all doubts and fears go.
Remember that meditation is meant to be a practice that will help soothe your soul. Let go, and let love guide your way. 


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