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Over the past few months, I've been trying desperately to figure out what the fuck happened to me.
The staunchly, stubbornly, pompous single brat succumbed to someone who wanted to love her properly. I couldn't connect her, the perpetually single party girl, to the loving girlfriend I'd become almost instantly.

The answer hit me upside the head tonight as I stayed up washing dishes, unable to sleep at 4:30 AM.
It's not so much that who I am as a person now is completely different from who I was six months ago; my desires had undergone an evolution.
I ultimately had to break out of the box I enclosed myself within. I considered myself to be the person I'd always known; not because I didn't grasp fully who I was, but because I was naive and had never allowed myself to experience fully what life has to offer.
I was always
  • too scared
  • not allowed
  • uninformed
  • misled
  • judgmental
  • stubborn
  • listening to my ego (not the Freudian ego, mind you)
  • proud allow anyone in deeply enough to help me to change my mind.
When what I wanted changed, everything else in my life did, too. I constantly felt restless, like a hamster in a wheel that was stuck in a 9x9 cardboard box.
For so long, I had been resisting what was meant to be my version of the magic that occurred within the Chrysalis. I was the caterpillar that was being transformed into a butterfly - I just hadn't realized that my wings had fully developed.
I went from a space of oppression to unexpectedly fluttering clumsily toward my freedom.
I remembered while I was washing those dishes this morning that one night, not too many moons ago, as I was walking toward the house where I felt like an unwelcome stranger,

I whispered a prayer for true love and a place I could call my home.
When you decide you want something and it starts happening, don't fight it. Go with whatever feels right. Your life will be so much happier when you do.


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