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Do You Crave Spontaneity?

There are benefits to having a routine, don't get me wrong. Discipline and methods of operation need routine in order to be properly developed. Daily activities done sequentially are necessary in order to function.

Wake up, meditate, brush teeth, wash face, hydrate, run, shower, cook breakfast, eat, clean up, write, work, work, work.

This kind of daily routine keeps a person clean, healthy, and fed. In ever other aspect of life - aspirations and fun, I fail to see why a routine would prove necessary. In my personal experience, the more I planned, the less I got done. Big goals can be broken down into smaller parts and tackled, but more often than not, plans do not go as well...planned.

I can't tell you how many people I've spoken to who have told me that the job they are doing to make a living is something they got stuck in because they had gotten comfortable within their routine.

They are unhappy but do not know which steps to take in order to get their lives on track to becoming their happy, whole selves because they were taught that they had to live their lives like everyone else. 

The secret no one talks about is that you are not stuck. You're not stuck unless you decide that you are. Unless you succumb to your circumstances and call that your routine, you can always move forward. 

Sure it will take creativity, grit, and perseverance, but those are small prices to pay for living a life you love. 

Be spontaneous. Break free. Move.Forward.


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