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Doing What You Have to Do

Society teaches us that being unhappy isn't only normal. It's acceptable. There are too many people in this world who dread waking up in the morning, hate their jobs, and loathe going to work. They trade their time in for money. Everyone needs to earn a living, after all. Issues arise when their tolerance for stagnant unhappiness diffuses itself into their personal lives. 

They become comfortable with being unhappy, until they realize they're miserable but are too afraid to do anything about it, or they were simply never taught how. 

Your life does not have to be a succession of moments in which you simply do what you [think you] have to do. 

I can't tell you how many people I've encountered who prefer to talk about the issues they have, with themselves and others, rather than work through them.

Sure, chatting about things that we wish to change is an important first step, but that's all it is. One step.

Shift your energy and focus. Don't dwell on the problem and how you don't know how to fix it. Work toward the solution so you don't feel stuck in a situation.

Don't like your friends? 

Make new ones. Create space in your life for meaningful people and situations by ridding yourself of clutter.

Not happy with your body? 

Let's form new eating habits and exercise schedule. Evolve into the healthiest version of yourself. Work toward being able to sit around naked happily.

Does the person in the mirror piss you off?

Forgive yourself. Let go, and remember that your past will only dictate your future if you let it. Every moment is an opportunity for your to grow. Spend some time in nature. Read an inspiring book. 

Feed your soul.

Baby steps. Fresh start. Move forward.


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