Become Your Own Bliss

The BYOB Series

My journey started half a decade ago, when I was surrounded by glitz, glamour, and everything I thought I wanted in life - and I still was not happy. I bought into everything superficial and was in denial that my glittery world was a warped web of lies that I told myself. 

"If you have $$$$$$$, you'll be happy."
"Have these friends and attend those events, and that will mean that everybody loves you."
"Wear thousand-dollar shoes and handbags; those will make you beautiful."
Lies. Sparkly, Gorgeous, Lies.

I'm not saying that all those things aren't awesome. I'm not even denying that for a moment, they caused the sparkle in my eyes. However, amidst all of those things and people,  I was miserable. I couldn't figure it out, and I nearly killed myself trying to find out why I wasn't happy. 
Everything I was doing was self-serving and was aimed toward fleeting, momentary satisfaction. My earthly desires were being satiated, but my soul felt empty. 

My "happiness" was dependent upon external, purchased stimuli and how people felt and thought about me. It stopped feeling right. I needed more of less. I wanted a do-over, and before I knew it, I hit rock bottom. I landed on it head first, and getting up was a bitch. I downsized in a big way, and before I knew what I was doing, I instinctively downsized. I needed to feel inspired again, and my soul craved more. 

I left the big life, the toxicity, and I went back to square one. More about my journey can be read about in my collection of articles at The Indie Chicks.

I was ready to recalibrate my sense of purpose and my readiness to be of service to people, but first, I needed to clear off and clean up my side of the street. I began living in such a way that if my activity did not bring me closer to my general well-being, I didn't do it. I cleaned up my life from within, and now I am in the position to guide you while I am mindful to keep track of my own blissful state.

My mission for the month is not for you to feel elated, all the time (because not only is it unrealistic, it will feel forced), but to possess an emotional equilibrium that is closer to bliss and peace more often that it wavers.

In the next 27 days...

We will dive within and recalibrate - a love-yourself-from-the-inside-out period that will inevitably affect those around you. Invite them on your journey! As depicted above, we will be using the hashtag #BYOB on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to discuss and share take moments of beautiful photos, quotes, and updates that will inspire each of us to bring ourselves closer to our bliss. 

Check back tomorrow for more official #BYOB content. 

Today we discuss: What does it mean to you to become your own bliss?

Respond in the comments below, on your Facebook timeline, via Twitter, or Instagram.  


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