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Mind Control

One of the key reasons why some people allow themselves to freak out is because they are not aware of the fact that they have control over their own thoughts and emotions. I used to be one of these people. At the drop of the hat, I would lose my shit because I could.

It was not only until a few years ago when it was brought to my attention that I am responsible for everything I think.

Prior to my realization, I believed thoughts were fleeting bursts of words and images that uncontrollably passed through my brain. It didn't occur to me that I could actually choose, manage, and direct the energy that flowed through my neurons. In other words, the thousands of thoughts that flickered between the synapses my brain are my responsibility.

This is was an empowering realization, because not only did I take back my thoughts, I was also able to begin controlling the way I emote. I could choose creative thoughts which made me feel empowered. I shifted toward loving thoughts versus being harshly judgmental. All of these shifts were incremental in improving my overall state of being and helped me become a happier person. Choosing thoughts that allowed me to function at a higher energy level empowered me to be feel more love and to not dwell on "mental clutter" that didn't benefit me.

How was I able to process my thoughts and emotions differently? By deliberate, mindful steps. I began to meditate, which allowed my brain to silence itself. This important first step gave me practice when it came to filtering thoughts that would allow me to keep my peace, versus destructive "mind clutter."


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