Become Your Own Bliss

Stop, Drop, Evaluate!

One of the first steps necessary in the mindful shift towards living a more blissful life involves going over a few things you can be thankful for right now. Make a list.

A Bliss List.

Let's start from within. Remove external factors from your compilation. Don't include how others feel about the things you do. Just focus on the way you feel whenever you do them.

 What are the aspects in yourself you are most grateful for? 

What about yourself makes you smile on a daily basis? 

What feels good to you? Do you enjoy meditating, exercising, cooking?

What do you do that gives you that rush of that feeling you would bottle up and share with the world?


Every day for the next few days, add one item to your Bliss List.

We'll refer to your Bliss List often. 


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