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Yes. What.The.Fuck? As in, "What the fuck is wrong with people?!?" I had one of the biggest of these moments this week. Long story short, I experienced bigotry at the hands of misogynistic sexists.

The narrative is not necessary - I was called a handful of derogatory terms at the hands of strangers. It wasn't the first time and it's not going to be the last. I kept my cool, but the people who've experienced the same discrimination repeatedly learn how to fight back. In my case, I used my written words.  


I confess, I needed a break from preaching the bliss gospel and allow myself to feel the waves of emotions. The sadness that evolved into anger and the anger that morphed into pity. I pity adult individuals who can't manage to get their social propriety in order. 

I'll also admit that I was traumatized. 

Because I am writing this a couple of days after the incident, doing so has allowed me to be productive as a result of my negative emotions. 

See, being put in an uncomfortable situation by mindless individuals are the ones that forces you to ask the following questions under your breath.

What the fuck?
Why the fuck?
Who the fuck do these people think they are?

See, we all experience opportunities that help us grow a new layer of thick, tough, rhinoceros skin. You don't have to stoop down to their level. The goal is to keep your peace in the midst of chaos. 

When shit happens, embrace the initial darkness. Give yourself time to feel it. Then, move forward. Don't dwell on the bull-funk-filled world around you. Rise above it. Focus on the speck of light that remains, then, become the light. Choose it over the darkness that's so tempting to sink into.


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