Become Your Own Bliss

An Open Letter to Moms


Teach your daughter that she is precious. Teach her to forgo kissing the frog in hopes of the metamorphosis into royalty because it's nearly impossible to "fix," "transform," or "change" anyone. She only has control over her own evolution.

Teach her to love herself so that she won't feel the need to seek out some unhealthy, unfortunate love to fill the inescapable void we all experience.

Teach your child that she holds the pen to the book of her destiny. If she wants to be treated like a queen by someone who deserves her, settle for nothing less. Anyone who invalidates her efforts and desires are unworthy.

Most importantly, teach that respect and love beget respect and love. She should never have to beg anyone to treat her the way she wants to be treated. If her significant other loves her enough, treating her right will come naturally and she'll be made to feel like the queen you raised her to be.

Warm love,


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