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Non-Judgmental Love

My world changed the moment I stopped judging people. It helped me love better and become better.

I no longer got caught up in putting a "good" or "bad" label on people. Flaws are no longer the first thing I see.

Remaining in a state of non-judgment has given me permission to love unconditionally. It allows me to view perfect strangers as I view my loved ones: as my kin, sisters and brothers roaming this space, occupying the same time I've been privileged with.

I no longer waste time thinking someone as good or bad. I am able to listen better, without forming an opinion before the other person is finished speaking.

Mostly, what has startled me is how much I've learned since this I've begun practice. I've learned about people and about myself. I've opened myself up to countless possibilities in which bliss became possible.

In order to shift one's perspective from perpetually analytical to objectively loving, refreshing the perspective is necessary. In effect, we must un-know what we've learned in order to gain the ability to see past what we believe already exists. Non=judgmental love is the root of unconditional love because when we cease to put "our stuff" into people's situations, loving them is all that's left.


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