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5 Ways to Be More Grateful

Today is the eve of my 29th birthday, and I'm feelin' mighty grateful!

Whether you are currently in a floating, happy place or in the midst of struggle, I want you to serve yourself by stopping for a moment and to appreciate whatever you're going through. As I look back on my life, I realize how important it was to go through everything - regardless of how nonsensical or painful the situation may have been at the time. Today, I am grateful for all of it. 

It would serve you to be more grateful, too.

5 Ways to Be More Grateful

  1. Don't judge the situation you're in. Just move within it and be grateful for what you can learn from it. 
  2. Remember that your existence is a miracle. 
  3. Do things that make you feel grateful. Watch a sunrise. Breathe in fresh air. Snuggle a pup or kitty. 
  4. Celebrate differences between yourself and others around you.  
  5. Look at how far you've come. Do your best. Give life your best shot. 
Always, always, always, say Thank you. 



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