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Having a Bad Day? Let That Shit Happen

I have a confession to make.

Yes, I coach people to work toward becoming their most blissful. It is my calling to bring about shifts in people's lives so that they can bear witness to their own power. They learn how to make their own miracles happen.I recognize that it isn't because of me. I just show them what has been bubbling beneath the surface all along. I'm a messenger.

However on certain occasions, I move within the realm of pissed-offness. On days that are few and far between, I am not a happy camper, and there's no rhyme or reason for my bad day. There doesn't need to be.

Like today.

Perhaps it is because the world is on fire. Perhaps it is because I see pain and suffering all around and people's ignorance propagating human negligence, cruelty, and atrocities. Every once in a while, I allow it to bring out the anger and frustration I generally keep a lid on because I'm tired of feeling helpless.

Before I hit my meditation pillow, it's a shitty day and I'm mad as hell about everything I can't help. I'm OK with it. I sit with my frustration because when I feel this way, it gives me a point to re-calibrate to. I usually go out for a run to shake off the negativity, or I practice yoga.

My point is,

When you are having a bad day, let that shit happen.

Let yourself feel it. I'm not saying take it out on those around you, because they don't deserve to be subjected to your bad day, but give yourself time to move within it before you decide to make shake it off.

I usually give myself five minutes because I don't enjoy feeling emotionally cloudy or heavy.

But then, I hit my meditation pillow, and in the silence of my mind and the beating of my heart, I remember that my time on this earth is limited. That being angry without being led toward serving what will alleviate the anger is a waste of time and emotion. I remember how grateful I am to be here; to occupy this time and this space, and I wonder how I can make things better, in the one-person-can-change-the-world sense of better, and then I do whatever that is.

How can I use my actions and words to move forward and leave anger and helplessness behind, or to use those to fuel my endeavors?

The bliss I have found comes in the form of being of service to anyone who may need it, even in the midst of my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day...which I remain grateful for.


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