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The Universe Has My Back

On rare, blessed occasions in life, we are sent kindred souls who echo sentiments that our spirits whisper. Today, I spent a rare day off with a friend, Courtney, who I consider a spirit guide as well as trusted confidante. With her, our friendship is uplifting and enriching as it is easy. Spending the greater part of the afternoon with Courtney today gave me the reassurance that I did not realize I was seeking.

Today, Courtney blew my mind because for the first time since I began the process, I admitted out loud how overwhelming and humbling this process has been. She responded by echoing, verbatim, sentiments I have said or written. Building a business; writing my first book; leaving a life that was comfortable and taking a chance on myself have all been intensely world-shifting to say the least. I am working on implementing balance between my work, rest, recreation, and pleasure.

"It's not about me; it's about the message."

I said this about two weeks ago to my significant other when I was expressing mild frustration about being in the midst the billionth round of editions to my manuscript. I refocused my energy from my deadlines to the content. That the work I release has been a labor of love that has been crafted to serve and inspire. None of it is about me; it is through me. 

Courtney said at lunch, "It's not about you, it's about the message. So you have to make sure that the message is perfect before you release it." My jaw dropped as soon as she said this. She vocalized what I knew all along.

"Don't let yourself get in the way of your success."

This heading is the original heading to this very blog post I began writing last night. I felt so deeply about reminding people to focus on their goals in order to move forward with their lives, versus allowing themselves to be trapped within their realm of perceived possibilities.    

Imagine my awe and elation when - you guessed it - Courtney said this to me, once again verbatim, today at lunch. Without knowing it, she single-handedly gave me permission to have faith in what I have been secretly trusting with my whole being. I now know without a shadow of doubt, that:

God, The Universe, The Powers That Be have My Back.

And I know it has Your Back, too.

In the span of one afternoon, my friend innocently encouraged me. But I don't think she realized how powerful her words were. I have tears in my eyes as I type this because soul sisters have been so rare in my life, and when I meet one, I consider them to be precious and enlightening. I am blessed to have a handful of light-bearers. 

Listen to those who love you and who uplift you. They are messengers who were sent to you to guide you, inspire you, and love you, even when you think you are falling apart. I hope that you have your own version of Courtney. Everyone should be blessed with someone in their lives like her.

Who in your life brings you luminous hope?


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