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The Perfect Opportunity

Last week, I received a message from a well-known Hollywood producer. I recognized her name because I watch several shows she has worked on, and she appears in the credits of those shows. She sent me the message inviting me to appear on a show she is currently casting for. It's a show that features couples, and I was beyond thrilled to receive her message.

The only thing is, due to my boyfriend's career, we are unable to leave the country for extended periods of time - she show is going to be filmed in South America.

Naturally, I was bummed, but I remembered that the perfect opportunity at an inopportune time is not one that should be pushed. All things come at the right time.

I am humbled and honored that someone who works on national TV found me worthy of an invitation. It brought back memories of my teenage years and how modeling agencies and recruiters constantly invited me to join their agency, and due to my focus on school and other reasons, I was not able to take advantage of the fantastic opportunity that presented itself.

I've had to reframe "missed opportunities" as possibilities that may arise later in that I will have more flexibility to explore. What I've learned about opportunities is that most often, they are unexpected. They are like bursts of possibilities that occur throughout our lives. Even if I am currently unable to take the offer to appear on a show, it has opened up a channel of communication between myself and this Hollywood power player, and that, in and of itself, is a wonderfully perfect opportunity.  


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