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A New Year, a New Theme: Manifesting

When I think of the past year, the theme that consistently pops up for me is inspiration. Every morning, upon rising, I prayed words of gratitude and service, followed by offering the work I was going to do for the day to the greater good of the people I could be of service to and the space around me. 

Every morning, I've felt like this.

I surrendered my days to being a messenger; love was always the message.

Because the term resolution indicates resolving a conflict, which is why I'm going to refrain from using that word when it comes to speaking about a fresh start in the form of a new year. Nothing needs fixing. 

For each forthcoming year, I will choose a theme that will be the intention which will touch everything that I'll do in that year. For 2015, I am excited to announce that the word that awakens my soul is manifesting

Manifesting has touched my life wonderfully for the past few years, and I feel that 2015 will bring realizations of dreams and beyond. Manifesting is an art form, and I will continue to pursue its power in the following year. 

May this coming year bring you unconditional, liberating love.
May courage lead you to the path your heart desires to pursue.
May your new year fill you with wonder, health, joy, and peace.
May bliss touch everything you do each and every day.

Happy New Year!


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