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The Holidays

The holiday season doesn't only bring about opportunities to express our love and affection to one another in the form of togetherness and gifts, it also inevitably brings about friction.

I recently came across the video above from Oprah's Change Your Life Tour. What Elizabeth Gilbert said about going home for Christmas resonated so deeply with me, because as I recently learned, friction with family is a part of life. It is necessary and the only way to deal with any and all situations pertaining to family is through love and forgiveness.

The necessity of discernment when it comes to dealing with certain members of family can determine the level of peace we maintain in our lives.

When people lash out at you or hurt you (whether it's intentional or not) has nothing to do with you. It has to do with their internal dialogue. That's how they speak to themselves, so how else could you expect them to treat you/speak to you differently.

Don't take family conflict personally. Remember that every relationship is an assignment and that there is much to be learned from love. Also remember that unconditionally loving someone doesn't entail liking them all the time.

Your function is love. The function of your family is to teach you to love regardless of any hurt feelings or personality differences. That is something to be grateful for.


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