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Blessed By Robin Cragin

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  I received one of the most wonderful gifts today. Robin Cragin, a lovely soul who I met at the Etheria Day Spa which she owns and is full of amazing vibes, agreed to officiate my marriage. I've only met Robin one other time, but her energy and spirit made such a unique impression on me. When my fiance and I met with her regarding officiating our tiny ceremony, I was anxious because of events that transpired a couple of days preceding our meeting.

Robin's energy is indescribable. Calmly and assuredly, she looked into my eyes and told me, "Everything that is supposed to happen will happen."

And with her words, I felt such peace and have applied it in every instance during my marriage and afterwards. I am also so grateful to Robin who has graciously given her time to us as a gift. My marriage with my husband begins blessed to the brim, and it'll all begin with Robin. I am deeply grateful for her.


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