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Cleaning Up My Side of the Street

I hear it so often. When it comes to those we love, we have the tendency to believe that our loving them enough will mold them into the person we want them to be. The notion that loving someone will inspire them to change for us exists because we humans believe that we're hardwired to improve upon the world around us.

As I mentally, emotionally, and physically prepare for my impending marriage (I'm detoxing in the form of fasting this week), I have been forced to recognize and face the relationships that do not serve my well-being and happiness. This is more difficult to do than it is to write about because loving someone means embracing their lives - flaws and all, and the moment I realize that someone's flaws continually leach me of my peace, that is when I know I have a difficult decision to make.

I cling to the mindset of non-judgment, although I can't escape how certain people make me feel. 

I've written in Become Your Own Bliss, when a relationship becomes too emotionally and mentally expedient; when that relationship becomes detrimental to your overall well-being, it's important that you recognize the toxicity and begin making changes. You can't help how someone makes you feel, but you can and should take the reigns when it comes to how your relationships leave you feeling. 

I do my very best to keep my side of the street clean. I also mind my actions in my relationships so that when my text tone goes off on a loved one's phone, they don't hold their breath when they check my incoming messages. I don't ever want my existence in my life to be burdensome. 

My main purpose when I interact with people is to bring light, joy, bliss, and comfort. In other words, whatever the soul may benefit from, I intentionally bring into my relationships. One thing I constantly ask myself is this, "When I enter a room, what do I bring with me?" And sometimes, the room is a metaphor for a relationship. What value to I bring into a person's life? How can I be better as a person holding this role?

I ask myself these questions constantly as I live in the various roles I hold in the lives of my loved ones. If you are struggling with someone who drains you more than they bring you joy, here are some signs:
  • You feel an uneasiness in your stomach/chest when you are around this person.
  • They say/speak about doing things that make you cringe.
  • You find yourself complaining about this person (in your journal or to your loves).
  • You feel the urge to avoid this person or you want to go off on this person.
When it comes to feeling out a relationship or friendship, here are 5 Amazing Qualities in a Best Friend to keep in mind. Because sometimes, cleaning up my side of the street involves clearing out mental and emotional clutter. There is nothing wrong with that.

Have you recently had to say goodbye to someone you love dearly because of their detrimental existence in your life? 

Do you feel yourself blissing out more often as a result, or do you feel guilty?


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