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One of the greatest things I've discovered since practicing mindfulness has been the result of mindfulness, which is gentle detachment.

It has become so much more enjoyable to forgive everyone and everything. Detachment allows me to neither see things as neither good nor bad. That all instances, circumstances, and roads lead to my destiny; the ultimate good.

Just like my little live coaster taught me a great deal about myself and about forgiveness. See, the Jack Russell Chihuahua pictured is Maximus. He has been my husband's best friend and charge for the better part of the past decade. Max has three personalities. Machete is the side of this dog that bit me in the face a month after I moved into his territory. I still love him unequivocally and take care of him on a daily basis. Max Epsilon Moos (Max E. Moos) is the jerk dog who likes to mark on my husband's favorite recliner every other month or so. Then, there's Mr. Moos. Cuddly, bogey-eyed, and chronically shivering. Mr. Moos is the gooey interior to the other personas that exist within this tiny, maddening, furry creature.

I love him unconditionally, only because I don't begrudge him for the mistakes he's made. The giant cup of who the ---- cares describes his personality, and I know what to expect from him. I know that after days of dealing with Machete and Max; Mr. Moos is bound to rear his adorable apple-shaped head and snuggle his way into the space in my heart that he he holds.


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