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In case you haven't heard, GoodReads is the best way to learn about books, reach authors, see what your friends are reading, and keep track of your own literary adventure. As a GoodReads Author, it's a great way to reach out to readers and see what they're into. There's also a fun interview that's posted on my page. 

One of the things I can't emphasize more is that as a self-published author, running a marketing strategy is the ONLY thing that will spread the word about my book. There can be no shame in your "Have you read my book?" game. That being said, GoodReads helps spread the word by helping authors run a giveaway of their books. This is important because if people don't know about my book, they can't read it, and if they can't read it, they won't review it, and statistically speaking, books (or any items in general) sell more if there is a review for that work. 

If you're on GoodReads, let's connect. Find me. Friend me. Tell me about your favorite books and check out mine! 

Let's be bookworms together! 


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