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On 01.11.2015, at 1:11 PM, I married my best friend in our living room in front of an intimate group of family and friends. 

We are over the moon. 

I relished every moment. We wrote our own vows, and what came of the process is the most important poem I've ever written. 

The Porch swing Is where we started;
Your soul I grew to know. 

With your unwavering love and patience,
My courage felt safe to grow. 

Your support inspires me to keep on using my pen,
"I'll never get married," I always said back then. 

Along you came and changed my world
And I know this much is true. 
I wouldn't be the woman I am today had it not been for you. 

I hope you know our life together will be full of bliss and light. 
Although I'll hold you closer through sorrow and in the dark of night. 

Upon this new adventure we embark 
Together we'll explore this life

Know that I am so deeply honored and privileged to forever be your wife. 

Until the day our journey ends, my darling, you'll feel all of my love.

This isn't of us - our love has been sent from up above. 

And when someday our souls can soar and finally fly free
I promise to explore the Universe with you until the end of eternity. 

Thank you for sharing this moment with myself and my new husband. 


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