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What Love Feels Like

When I dated around (and I use this term loosely), I essentially conducted social experiments to find out how certain types of men made me feel. I found out a lot about what I did not want in a long-term relationship. 

Out of nowhere came along an innocent love. We were friends first, and from each other we expected nothing. We were in opposite ends of several types of spectra. I'm an intellectual. He's better with numbers. I'm a bit of a label whore and functions best in comfort. Together our love blossomed into the most unexpectedly tribute to each other's best selves. 

He became my mirror that reflected more kindly. He loved me so well that I couldn't help but love him back. Without trying, without making me want to push him away. Instead of falling into a pattern of needing him, I wanted him. What love feels like is an overwhelming sense of strength. Of the mind following what the mind and soul already know. It's courage in knowing that regardless of how miserably I fail; how badly I mess up, I will be able to return home where there's love waiting for me with open arms.


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