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Because You Are Only As Good As...

I learned recently that regardless of how deeply I practice mindfulness, I have the tendency to echo my surroundings. It's human nature. We are hard-wired to learn from those who occupy space around us. It doesn't mean a person is weak-minded if they are strongly influenced by friends or relatives; it means they that person is human.

If you want to be powerful, surround yourself with powerful people.
If you want to be intelligent, surround yourself with intelligent people.
If you want to become a millionaire, surround yourself with millionaires.

If you want to be great and you surround yourself with people who won't elevate you, you will fall prey to the human inclination of conforming to your surroundings. Don't let this happen.

Be a person of value and values. Be honest about what you want and the type of person you see yourself becoming. Don't entrap yourself because you feel obligated to stay friends with someone all your life.

Allow yourself to be elevate and elevate others. It's the only way to explore your potential.  


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