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5 Things That Damn Dress Taught Us About Humans

There is a photograph of a dress that has completely freaked the internet out. You know which one I’m talking about. It’s the one you saw countless times on your newsfeed over the weekend. No one can seem to agree on what color the thing is because some folks see the colors change before their eyes. One minute, it’s blue and black (which are reportedly the actual colors of the frock); the next, it’s gold and white. In the end, it really doesn’t matter. It’s a dress neither you nor I would probably ever wear, but the mere fact that an object that many people have nothing to do with could drive them to litter the interwebs with absolute puzzlement lies in the very things we know to be true about the nature of humans.

1. We freak out when our sensory experience proves to be unreliable. 

The main reason it sent the internet into a frenzy is because we humans LOVE to be right. Our logical selves cling to what we believe and know to be true. We are sensory creatures and as such most of us rely on our senses to dictate how to feel about the world around us. Any deviation from the fact that we can absolutely 100% rely on our two eyes, ears, and other physical ways of dealing with the world could drive us insane and/or question everything we believe to be true. 

2. More than loving being right, we need to feel validated.

When a person looks at an object and sees something completely different than us, or experiences the same event in a different way, we subconsciously question if our experience was valid or correct. Not that it matters because each person experiences everything in their own, unique way.  

3. We experienced in real time how differently we process this world. 

Fundamentally, we want to believe and rely on "the truth." The truth is, the dress is blue and black. So does that mean that the eyes of the folks who see white and gold are incapable of seeing truth? No. Optical illusions abound in this world and that does not make people wrong. It just means that certain people will have to have faith in the truth versus what their eyes tell them. 

4. We have difficulty relating to those who see things differently. 

"It's blue" No, it's not. "It's gold." Are you crazy? Both answers are correct, depending on who's looking. The fact that the dress is black and blue can't ever be experienced as such by those who only see it as gold and white. 

5. We can be driven to madness by something that will never really touch our lives. 

Befuddlement, bewilderment, puzzlement, whatever you want to call it. This dress stumped the internet. 

We will never be on the same page at the same time. We each hold unique perspectives and that is what truly excites us. 


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