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A Lesson About Humility From My Beloved Mother

A few words about humility: 

Mother's Day is nearly upon us, and if you have read Become Your Own Bliss​, you know that most of the lessons I've passed on to my clients, readers, and friends came from my no-nonsense, loving, kind, goofy, take-no-shit mother. 

She and I went through a decade or so not liking one another very much. Don't get me wrong, we loved one another and would have done practically anything for one another, but growing pains are a bitch and by golly, we did not enjoy being around one another. 

It began when I was an angsty teenager. I thought I knew everything. My child brain was slowly dying to my adult brain, and my evolution was half the battle. The other half was the battle I fought with my admirable, patient, amazing parents. 

When I attempted to ascend upon my high horse (as most adolescent children of loving parents do), my my mother sternly, calmly, and lovingly brought me back down to earth. 

I remember one incident during which I was having a day and tried to take it out on her and someone else - a server at a restaurant. She quietly said to me, 

"Who do you think you are that you think it's acceptable to talk to people like that? What have you done with your life to make you believe that you are above anyone else? You've graduated high school. Great. Congratulations, but that's expected of you and doesn't grant you authority to speak to people like they're dogs. 

When you do accomplish great things in your life - which I've no doubt you'll do because you're my daughter and I know what you're capable of, even then, you still cannot talk to people however you want to because never will you be better than anyone. You will always sit on the toilet and shit like everyone else. You'll always have to put your pants on one leg at a time. You will never be above nor below anyone else; don't you dare put yourself on a self-made pedestal.

You are human, so act like it. 

There are people out there who would die to be in your place, so show a little gratitude and treat people with the respect you owe them."


Because of my parents, no matter how "successful" I become, I know that humility and treating this earth, animals, and my fellow humans with kindness and respect, is what will make the greatest impact. 

Thanks, Mom, I really was listening. 


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