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Powerful Women

How do we raise our daughters to grow up into women who unwaveringly know that they are enough - that they are beyond comparison?

How do we teach our daughters how precious they are; that their worth is not dependent upon what society dictates?

How do we effectively bequeath the notion to little female people that what they believe about themselves is what matters?

How do we instill in girls that their bodies belong to them? That the length of their skirts, the cut of their hair, the shape of their body does not define them, but rather, must be defined BY them.

How do we nurture the strong-willed, tenacious, bold, audacious little girls who create ways to achieve when they can't find the way that exists?

When will the generation of women rise who recognize and unapologetically embrace their inner goddess, inner bitch, inner sex kitten, inner CEO, who find joy in collaboration and boredom in competition?

The only way to raise little girls to become powerful women is to be examples for them. 

Live courageously and lovingly. Embrace your own strength. Show off those legs if you feel like it. Gain weight if that's what makes you happy. Start that business. Finish college. Eat well. Learn. Teach. Exercise. Make money. Spend money. Read. Laugh out loud. Play.



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