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The Wife Life

Beyond my wildest dreams, the wife life suits me. I absolutely adore being my husband's wife. The evolution from girlfriend to fiance to wife didn't merely occur on paper for me. We changed after we said our vows.

Our bond became deeper in a way I didn't anticipate. It's as if the time we've spent after we got married changed. There's a certain level of comfort that accompanies marriage. All of the mundane aspects of life became different.

We lived together for 2 years prior to marriage, so we were able to learn one another's quirks and habits long before we decided to do the damn thing.

I'm experiencing an uncontrollably thrilling shift in my priorities. Although I remain quite career-centric, I feel less obsessed with certain aspects in my life and more open to others that once struck me as terrifying. So much in me has changed since I began writing this blog, nearly 6 years ago. I never thought that tapping my keyboard to share my thoughts publicly would ever lead to confidence resulting in writing and publishing my book.

I find myself thinking about motherhood and babies with a sense of simultaneous dread and anticipation. Although starting a family is on the horizon for us, we're thoroughly enjoying one another.

The process of dating then marrying has helped me become a calmer person in general. When unanticipated things happen, I'm less likely to freak out than before. I suppose there's a sense of security that I never realized I needed.

I had been so wrong about everything I believed to be true about love and relationships. I suppose true love is one of those things one must experience in order to understand, and not a moment before. The greatest misconception I once held was that no one would ever be good enough. That I was all I needed in every aspect of my life, and that no one could possibly love me the way I wanted to be loved.

I used to understand falling/being in love as the way people would describe the taste of the number 11. I'm so grateful that I get to live in it everyday. 


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