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Comfort is the Enemy of Progress


It is of the utmost importance that you defy the limitations that others have discovered for themselves. What applies to them, may not apply to you, but you must be the seer of your own destiny.

In life, there are people who attempt to show us a framework of limitations based on love - their goal is to protect from pain and disappointment.

There are also people who echo all they've heard and all they've known for the duration of their lives. They believe that because they couldn't do it, that not only are you not capable, but that you shouldn't even try.

Our world is full of unexplored potential; diminished hopes and dreams, and the brilliant and beautiful things that could have been. To succumb to a life lived without intent contributes to the saddest narratives in our history as people. Comfort is the enemy of progress.

People will reject your work.
Lovers will leave you.
Mistakes will be made.
Pain will be felt.

Remember that all those contribute to the beauty that exists when you experience love, joy, and victory.

In love and in deed, do those things that bring the butterflies in your stomach to life, for they are indicating that it is then that you are truly living.

Love and bliss,

What have you been meaning to do but haven't yet begun?


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