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I am by no means superstitious.  However, on days when things either fall into place or fall apart, I do heed the signs bestowed upon me by my surroundings, controlled by the forces that be.  

For example, when I do all the things that could possibly end up terribly wrong, and survive unscathed, I stop pushing my luck.  I appreciate and realize the notion that perhaps, in this place and time, I belong where I am.

When things fall apart - when everything seems to be going wrong, and I have to travel somewhere, or I have some mundane appointment to go to, I stay home.  If unusual things happen to prevent my day from going as planned, especially if I had out of the ordinary plans in place, I just let whatever is supposed to happen, and not stress about it.  When things break, or accidents happen; when the day goes by so unusually wrong, yet I am left standing, I know better than to complain about the little things.  Instead, I amount it to the Universe's only way of telling me where I go from here.


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