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When I can not run, I allow myself the human luxury of what I can only compare to mentally imploding.  I know part of it is what goes on in my head, and the other part is my withdrawal from all the lovely happy hormones I have gotten so accustomed to producing on a regular, nearly daily basis.  I am again writing about illness.  Not because I enjoy dwelling in one of the less-inspiring aspects of being alive, but because so much can be learned and drawn during a bout with illness.

One of the advantages to being sick is all the time in bed - I have been in bed for so long, I can't wait to get up and stay up.  Sleeping in no longer appeals to me.  I am eating carbs like nobody's business because protein is too heavy in my stomach.  I have eaten over half a dozen bowls of noodle soup with rice and crackers.  All the things that are not part of "normalcy" become "normal" for a time during period of recovery.  I know I do whatever I can to make myself heal more quickly.  I do what it takes because I am desperate to feel better.

This entry is not meant to be an esoteric approach on how to survive a sinus infection, because I know that people live through much more.  I have seen the faces of progress. Seemingly everyday humans who possess superhuman resilience.  If I have not seen their faces, I have at least heard some of their stories.

It is a humbling and awe-inspiring privilege to watch a person thrive amidst illness.

I have a friend

...who was recently diagnosed with cancer, had the operation, and is now cancer-free.

...who is struggling with depression, and she is fighting it, tooth and nail.  She is doing so without medication and very little therapy.

...who lives with chronic pain, like millions of others, who is one of the strongest people I know.

...who is un-learning a lifetime's worth of unhealthy behavior, and is now living the life she has always wanted.

...who can never get better and no one can seem to figure out what the problem is.

All these people I know, and many more whose names I shall never know, are miracles. They are living inspiration who refuse to allow their physiological state to define them. From them I draw strength.

As I suffer through this nuisance of a cold, I would not dare complain - I simply watch those around me...inspired to be a witness to human greatness.



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