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The Joys of Pet Rescue

When we first adopted this little Westie Mix from Animal Rescue in Florida, she was a mess.  She was malnourished, had not been leash-trained, and did not know how come, neither when we called her by her old name, nor by her new one.  Hannah has come a long way...

She had been so malnourished that her fur did not grow.  She lives a different life now.  Every helpless animal deserves a new chance at a new life.  I, personally, would never buy a dog or cat.  There are countless furry friends out there who need a good home.  The site I found Hannah through is Petfinder.  Petfinder is a database for adoptable animals that have gone through the rescue process.  Most cats and dogs listed on Petfinder has been through the ASPCA, or is currently there, waiting to be adopted.  Take Bear, for example.  He was rescued from a high-kill shelter.  

He is now a member of our family.  He is happy, playful, and is one heck of a guard dog.  I recommend adopting a pet from rescue to anyone who is looking to add to their family.  With a lot of love and a little patience, rescue animals will prove to be an integral element of what makes home feel like home. 


  1. I love your dog! I'm sure Hannah's glad you take care of her :)

  2. Goodness, Phillip! I am so sorry I just now read your comment! Thank you for your sweet words. I hope Hannah is happy with us. She's the sweetest.

    Love and light,


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