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Only You

You are the master of your destiny.  Whether you want to accept that responsibility or not is irrelevant.  Things in life happen only if you allow them to.  Mind you, I do believe in the higher power that creates and controls the energy that exists within the Universe, but without you, your past, your present, your future...simply would not exist.

The future belongs to the one who will live through it.  The past belongs to the one who has become better from it.  The present is what makes the time ahead possible.  People are so quick to wash their hands of control over the future, or emotions, or circumstances.  It's imperative that we realize that yes, there are things that happen in life that are beyond the realm of human control.  Although the action that ensues the circumstance is entirely based upon will.  Even every reaction is will-based.

Only you can decide what you want, and only you can make it happen for yourself.  Don't ever look at that as anything less than an amazing gift. 


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