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During my formative years, I had maids.  I did not know that they were on the household's payroll to take care of me, all I knew is that I felt loved and cared for.  

There is something undeniably lovely about being catered to.  Whether it was my Mother taking care of me whenever I was sick, or my Nanny ordering a box of my favorite cheesy snack, or my Father cooking breakfast...that feeling that I felt whenever anyone did anything nice for me, I have always wanted to share.

To be of service to someone does not make one subservient.  To be of service to someone, especially when affecting a stranger, is to show that one is capable of the act of unquestionably loving.

One of the utmost acts of service is sharing inspiration.  It takes so very little to inspire someone, and it takes even less to destroy someone's dreams.

I make an effort to be kind to everyone I encounter.  It isn't always easy, but it is so worth it to see the enlightened expression upon's someone's face who has just experienced unsolicited kindness.  I also make it a point to be kind to people who are unkind to me.  It has nothing to do with being weak, or encouraging stupid behavior. Rather, I am stubborn, and I refuse to allow some nasty little person to change my essence.

The little things that allow us to touch one another either in a tangible or spiritual way that uplifts is a form of service.

Bring a little joy to someone today.  
It's a joy that will come right back.  


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