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Every few generations, a person comes along who completely annihilates the way in which people operate by making the world a more interesting place to live.  There was Edison, Graham-Bell, Ford, Lincoln (William - invented film), and Jobs.

Steve Jobs passed away yesterday, at the age of fifty-six years young.  However, he will be immortalized by the innovation that is synonymous with his name.  His impact upon the relationship between humans and technology is one that has completely shattered the precepts which existed prior to his inventions.  Steve had the instinctive methodology that took a concept, or an item, and brought it to such a heightened level of sophisticated simplicity that makes nearly all things possible.  The driving force behind his ingenuity was simply his love for the work he set out to accomplish.  I am sure that every man and woman who purchase one of the many Apple devices feel the wonder they felt when they were children on Christmas morning when they first begin playing with it.

I think the collective sadness that has followed Steve Jobs' death is one that carries a tone of yearning.  Wondering how much more could he have contributed?  What more could he have imagined?  What other elements of daily life could he have upgraded, in the way only he knew how.

For as long as I live, I will at the very least own and cherish an iPod.  The one I have now is a second generation, nearly five years old, and I use it to make the most mundane tasks more exciting.  My iPod is now more than just an MP4 player.  It is a daily reminder that one day, I too will be leaving this earth, and I will live only through the legacy I leave behind.  I will in no way, shape, nor form leave a fraction of the impact as Mr. Jobs has.  Although I believe that in the very least, so long as I, "think outside the box," and I, "never settle," I will function to the best of my ability due to the sheer joy with which I accomplish my goals.  

Thank you, Steve Jobs, for the inspiration and the advice.

Because of you, I will

"Stay hungry, stay foolish."


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