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The Gift

I came upon a box today.  When I opened it, out came sheets of my past - all the things I thought I had left behind, I suddenly held within my hands.  The handwriting upon the paper brought back memories.  All the bad came back in waves, then the good flushed through my soul, as if none of it ever went away.  It felt as though all the good things that they were a part of had been a part of me all this time, I had only simply forgotten.  I then came across it.  The piece of tangible memory that brought me all the way back.  Funny how time has a way of hiding things.  I thought all of this had been erased, it hadn't been.  It's still here.  All of it - the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly.  The painful memories resonate the most.  I think it's because I am wired to equate surviving pain to be synonymous with power.

Sometimes, the greatest gift we're given is not some tangible thing, nor the most beautiful.  Sometimes, the greatest gift comes when someone we love more than any and everything...walks away.  It is only then that we are left, to ourselves, by ourselves, in order to heal the wounds, and conceal our battle scars.

It was then, and only then, that I was able to experience what real strength felt like.   


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