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I don't...

...know what happened between then and now, but I am thrilled with how it is now, and I know that it will only get better.

...believe in cheating.  I believe in knowing when it's over, and graciously ending a situation before it gets ugly.

...know if people realize that I am not naive.  I know that the world isn't all cupcakes and love and hearts and rainbows.  I have looked hatred in the face.  I have felt what ugly can do to another person.  Those things makes the little sweet moments so much sweeter.

...have any regrets.  Life did not chew me up and spit me out.  Everything that happened to me, everything I chose to do, all contributed to the next phase, and the next, and the next.

...ever expect anyone to act any less or more than human.  People make mistakes.  People will more often than not, act on behalf of their well-being, and their well-being alone.  Freaks of nature do things on behalf of others.  That is the reason they face so much resistance.  

...see myself the way everyone sees me, and I like it that way.  


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