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E.A.R.T.H. Esoteric Attitude Regarding This Home

On January 12, 2010, the Earth both shook and stood still for millions of people.  Lives were lost.  Families were displaced.  After the devastating earthquake that ravaged Haiti, everyone knew that life there was never going to be the same.  To this day, rubble is still everywhere; there are more villages comprised of tents than there are neighborhoods of homes.  More than 2 million Haitians are still homeless.

Of the lives that were, lost, I heard insensitive comments, including, "That was God's way of controlling the population."  

...Are you kidding me?  

I realize that this world is full of ignorant and insensitive people.  Oafs such as the source of that awful comment, no longer surprise me.  

On March 11, I received a tweet alert from the Breaking News Organization regarding an earthquake in Japan.  I immediately sat up from my prior horizontal position in bed and began scouring the internet for updates using my smartphone.  I have family in the Philippines and wanted to know exactly which region of Japan was affected, and the likelihood of a tsunami reaching my family members.  When I found out the magnitude of the quake, I was speechless and felt helpless.  Thankful that my beloveds were in a safe zone, if there is one in this case, I was terrified for all who will be affected.  No doubt this is one of the most devastating natural disasters in recent history.  Besides Japan itself having been moved eight feet, the Earth's axis has also shifted.  

This map depicts the expected path of tsunami created by the shift in the Earth's tectonic plates that were the cause of the earthquake in Japan.  The Earth's lithosphere is made of tectonic plates (also known as lithospheric plates) that shift and collide erratically.  Here's is a geography lesson for those less informed regarding the younger face of the Earth that is better known as Pangaea.  

Pangaea was a megacontinent, if you will(top depiction), comprised of all the continents we recognize today(second from top).  I am no expert on anything, least of all on geography, but the fact is that the Earth's land masses are constantly changing.  If all 7 billion of us had lived on the land mass that is known as Pangaea -  if the land masses never shifted apart, I do believe we would have been an extinct species long ago.  I highly doubt all the nations of people could function in such proximity.  My point is, I think too many of us lose sight of the fact that this planet we live on is, for a lack of better term, alive.  There is constant movement.  From floods to hurricanes, droughts to volcanic eruptions, we are at the mercy of the changes our environments undergo.  Many earthlings have forgotten that.  

We treat this planet the way we treat each other.  We stay for a few years, use/abuse/reuse the resources, and then...we bounce.  

I can't imagine that any group of people deserve a natural event of cataclysmic proportion.  As some like to state that this was an act of God, because people are evil, etc., etc.  People are always going to be people.  Good, bad, or indifferent, our history exists because neither a geological catastrophe, nor an astronomical one, has yet to wipe out the human race.  The Earth moves constantly.  It's just that sometimes, this is the result.  

It is just unfortunate that people happen to be in the midst of it.  I think we forget that on any land form resting on a tectonic plate, this could result.  This could happen any where, at any time, with us feeble humans being, once again, at Mother Nature's mercy.  Keep in mind those who are closely affected by natural disasters such as this, because as trite as the notion is, it is the truth.  
"What happens to one of us, can happen to all of us."


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