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A Living Tribute - To: Ms. Ruth, With love, The Girl at the Park with the Really Long Hair

Whenever I'm in town - when I'm home, I run in my favorite park.  For the past six years, hitting the pavement has been an escape for me.  I run toward my bliss.  One of my park mates is an elderly lady who I often see when she walks her two dogs.  One is a dachshund (Hercules), and the other is a lhasa apso (Salsa).  Three years ago, she and I began talking, and every once in a while, we run into each other.  For an eighty-three year old, she looks amazing.  She has bright eyes, toned arms and legs, and an attitude about life I can only hope to grow into.  She lived through World War II, the women's rights era, civil rights movement among others, and  I appreciate her perspective.  Today, she and I got caught in the rain, and we had a chat in a gazebo that was longer than usual.  She told me about her life, and about when she was a young woman, "...females were not really allowed to work.  They could become nurses, or librarians (not teachers), or they got married.  Those were the choices."  She then asked me for my age and when I told her I am twenty-five, and her eyes lit up and she said, with the utmost sincerity, 

"At that age, you can be anything in the world you want to be.  You can do whatever you want." 

She is a widow who has five grown children.  She asked me if I have a family of my own, and I reassured her that I have other plans with my life, to which she replied,

"Marriage is not for everyone.  I don't think everyone should get married.  When you get married, you become a slave to your husband, and when you have kids, you become a slave to your husband and your kids.  When your husband dies, and your children are young, you're still a slave to your kids, and when your kids are grown and you're old, you're a slave to your dogs."  

I told her how much I appreciated the sentiment, because I often meet people who are baffled at my singlehood, and at times have even questioned my sexual preference.  I sometimes feel strange for being happily free.  

"Oh, that's just stupid.  Forget what anyone else says.  It's your life.  You do what you want.  Whatever makes you happy, that's all that matters."

Spoken by a woman who has lived through over four generations.  Less than twenty years shy of a century, this stranger repeats a sentiment reiterated to me time and time again.  Today, I left the park a different person than I came. 

All my life, I have been so blessed by people, especially strangers, both young and old, who share with me the light that is their wish for my happiness.  I have been sent cheerleaders, and it is my hope that as a living tribute to Ms. Ruth, and to all those who have wished me happiness, to echo the same wish for happiness to You, My Dearest, Lovely Reader.  
"If you want to be happy, then be."


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